A little about me

I'm Darryl Terrell a Licensed Atlanta Real Estate Professional, Investor, Rehab Specialist, Landlord, Entrepreneur, and Native Son of Atlanta.

Growing up, the youngest of seven, I was influenced by my Father Hollis, one of Atlanta's first minority real estate investors. My dad was very hands on. He was known to visit each of his properties once a month. Of course, for my siblings and I, tagging along wasn't an option but a requirement. I guess in a sense we were in training.

My dad took pride in real estate investing and considered it a privilege to provide home ownership opportunities to many families that would otherwise not be able to afford home ownership. He never referred to them as tenants, they were always considered our extended family. They loved him and always seemed glad that he cared enough to stop by. In later years as I became an investor and landlord myself, I realized that dad's monthly visits were more of a way of insuring that each property was being well kept and maintained. I guess that is what he meant by... "You Must Inspect What You Expect."

Over the past two decades I've had great success with my many endeavors. I'm a proud Air Force Veteran, Husband, Father, Mentor, Advertising Executive, and Marketing Agency Owner.  

However, my passion is Real Estate. As an investor I've bought, sold, renovated, and consulted on well over 10 Million dollars of real estate transactions. It has afforded my family and I a great lifestyle. I have mastered several aspects of real estate from marketing to investing and renovation. Now, I represent Buyers and Sellers. Because I've cultivated many relationships over the years with industry professionals from Attorneys to Lenders and all points in between, you now have the opportunity to leverage my vast experience for your benefit. 

My specialties are working with Investors looking to capitalize on the vast opportunities in the Atlanta Real Estate Market. I also specialize in assisting Buyers identify the best local neighborhoods, school districts, and old and new sought after communities. As well as educate them on the in's and out's of purchasing properties that are well constructed and will have lasting value. Finally, I take pride in representing Sellers as their Real Estate advocate negotiating the highest possible offer and insuring they avoid pitfalls and are well informed throughout the entire home selling process. 

Real Estate allows me the opportunity to assist my clients as they move to their next chapter in life. I would love to partner with you as your Atlanta Real Estate Professional.

Give me a call, I pledge to put my years our experience to work for you by sharing everything I know and ultimately making you a part of My Extended Family!